USA finance and payments live updates: Bitcoin drops, $400 monthly check car owners, Child Tax Credit 2022, S.S. disability…

Headlines: 20 May 2022

– White House secures first batch of overseas baby formula as part of Operation Fly Formula program

The Great Resignation continued in April with eight states seeing an increase in the number of workers who quit their jobs

– Number of people receiving unemployment insurance falls below 1% for the first time since 1969

– The average price of a gallon of gasoline now exceeds $4 in all fifty states for the first time in US history

Crude oil prices hit $114, an 11% increase over prices recorded this time last month

– The Bitcoin and crypto-collapse continues to have massive impacts on Wall Street, some coins like Luna have hit zero

Inflation continues to cut into the purchasing power of consumers: what products have seen a decrease in price?

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– Does working after one’s full retirement age increase Social Security benefits?

New York State offers home loan forgiveness program

Wide support for California $400 gas check