Falls resident protests Bitcoin mine with signs, petitions | Local News

The low, constant hum never lets up. You can hear it in the basement, in the attic and all through a majority of homes in LaSalle.

The noise is generated by cooling fans at the US Bitcoin Corp. facility on Buffalo Avenue.

Bryan Maacks said he has had enough and is not going to take it anymore.

“It went from the roar of the falls to the roar of the fans,” Maacks, a retired painter and industrial worker, said.

The 23rd Street resident has been parking his truck with a protest sign in the bed near the Bitcoin Facility at 2724 Buffalo Ave. He also spoke out at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

He’s found the city to be unresponsive. He said he called the mayor’s office for help.

“The first couple times someone answered,” Maacks said, “then no one answered.”

Earlier this year the city enacted a moratorium on new bitcoin operations. Mayor Robert Restaino said at that time he was going to try and shut down the Buffalo Avenue facility. That has not happened.

Contacted for comment, Restaino said only, “the city put a moratorium in place because of the noise concerns — which will allow an ordinance to be drafted.”

“I am an early riser,” Maacks said. “It sounds like a jet engine. Then it goes into a haunting, throbbing hum.”

Maacks said he’s been circulating petitions over the issue and collected 49 signatures so far.

Maacks said residents have also been concerned about a second facility that looks like it is being put in near Portage Road and McKenna Avenue.

“I just want a solution, a sound barrier or something,” Maacks said.

US Bitcoin officials did not return an email seeking comment prior to Gazette deadline.