Marto’s move towards cryptocurrency investments

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / — Katina Stefanova’s Marto moves towards cryptocurrency investments. The portfolio has been bucking around gradually since 2018. The investment chief Katina Stefanova was keeping it under folds, working towards the move to revive Marto’s portfolio.

Since the US Department of Justice officially legalized Cryptocurrency as a means of exchange around 2014, many businesses have started accepting payments in Cryptocurrency, opening the market for investors to move towards the area. Global firms evaluate Crypto as a convenient, fast, and discreet method to complete a transaction. Sensing that businesses are fast moving towards this exchange technology, Marto, being under the supervision of investment specialists, has also adopted Cryptocurrency as an alternative to conventional financial investment.

Marto was established in 2015 by Katina Stefanova, a Bulgarian-American investor, and speaker. She serves as the CEO and CIO of the firm. As a member of the Investment Committee of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund and a board member of One Heart Bulgaria, she has immense knowledge of the industry. Therefore, it can be considered that she has decided on this transition with a keen foresight for the company’s future.

A member from Institutional Investor released insightful articles on the credibility of Marto’s investments in 2020, convincing market gurus to anticipate a fruitful outcome for the transition of Marto towards cryptocurrency investments.

Other reasons for expecting a rapid growth in Marto’s portfolio in cryptocurrency is the success of this exchange itself. Cryptocurrency is constantly rising and is worldwide deemed a legitimate and profitable means of monetary exchange. Since, the online exchange technology is advancing concurrently with the progress of cryptocurrency, we can say that the success rate will only go up from this point.

Being relatively new in the trading industry, the money exchange tech is expected to change the dynamics of online payments. Some might disagree, but Cryptocurrencies’e agility, security, and flexibility are heading towards the future. As for Marto, the new system is still implementing the keenly developed strategies to root the move, but Katina and many other advocates of this online monetary exchange firmly believe that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and dominate the investment industry. Right now, Marto is one of those who will sow the reward of making early investment in the new realm of Cryptocurrency.

Despite the bloodbath in the realm of crypto-asset in last couple of years, the industry is still expected to generate significant investor surplus in future. Compared to other less controversial investments such as Amazon stock or an apartment in a posh city area, investing in top crypto-assets is considered the best chance to provide the most attractive and risk-free returns over the next decade.

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