Almost 6 Million USD Worth of Cryptocurrency Deposited Into an NFT Piggy Bank

Miami, FL, January 20, 2022 –(– The developing blockchain-powered fitness and lifestyle app has deposited just shy of $6 million worth of cryptocurrency into a new piggy bank-inspired NFT – From January 17, 2022 until the release of the app, all of the founders’ tokens will be locked inside a single Piglet. This inventive move aims to further cement the statement of security against token price manipulation and simultaneously demonstrates the new fields of application of non-fungible tokens, emerging in 2022.

In the latest important development the startup has decided to use the innovative utility of the recently-launched Pigletz NFT project and deposit all their founders’ BFHT tokens into an individual Piglet. This would render them unusable until the virtual piggy bank is broken – an inbuilt functionality of the collectible. This act releases all tokens held inside but also destroys the NFT, ensuring the deflationary nature of the remaining Pigletz.

When the app is released, the Piglet will be broken and the team’s BFHT will be released, only to be frozen in an irrevocable smart contract for another 2 years. This way the founders’ tokens will not enter the market in the near future and cannot manipulate the price accordingly. This offers investors security against price dumping that is novel for the crypto market.

So much more than just a pixel art image is a collectible NFT with game features and prominent DeFi elements plus all the utility these can offer. Each unique Piglet acts as a piggy bank that enables users to deposit and store crypto tokens, while the NFT is also mining its very own PiFi token. When a certain number of PiFi tokens amasses into the virtual piggy bank, it evolves as levels up. With each of the next levels, additional traits are revealed. Although the Web3 project’s Decentralized App features very complex mechanics, its ease of use makes it suitable for both NFT Alphas and NFT newbies.

The creators have chosen to launch the project on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, which has an advantage of low gas fees – something that could be very overwhelming for a beginner.

When it comes to the art aspect of the project, it involves unique hand-crafted 3D models at its core. A distinguishing characteristic is the option to materialize the Piglet as a 3D-printed physical piggy bank. This extends an innovative bridge between the virtual and the physical worlds. In order to do that, the owner stakes the Piglet in a special smart contract that locks the NFT in the Blockchain. They then receive a 3D-printed figurine of their Piglet, delivered to their address. The way to reverse this is to break the physical piggy bank. Inside the owner will find a code that will let them unlock their NFT and use it again in the blockchain.